all about the benjamin

ben is a young lad born Indianapolis, Indiana. He's tall,charming, witty, good looking, and he's got the best goddamn hair I've ever seen. He's played in punk bands in Indianapolis since he was fifteen. Now he's moving out to California to hit the big-time. "How hard could it be in California? Guns n' Roses did it. I could do it."

listen to what the people say

"He's the classiest guy in showbusiness. That's for sure."

-Tom Jones
"If he wasn't as young as he is, he'd be mine."
"A lot of people say that i remind them of ben."
-Craig Kilborne
"He's dreamy."
-most girls that meet him
"That's one funny-ass white boy. He's my nigga."
-Dr. Dre

the bio

Ben's rock is tough to describe. He says it sounds like the Who and the Clash meet each other for the kind of fist-fight best friends have in their favorite hole in the wall bar where they come out with two girls under each arm. Or maybe it's like if you took the descendents and made them have sex with Tom Petty. Or maybe it's like a freight train with all kinds of kick ass hooks and melodies. But what do I know I lie about this kind of stuff all the time.

He's shared the stage with some of the best acts in the business like The Misfits, the Undead, 88fingers Louie, the Vandals, Sloppy Seconds, The Royal Pendeltons, Screaching Weasel, The Riverdales, D.R.I., post G.G. Allin's Murder Junkies, Squirtgun, Naked Aggression, The Meatmen, Quincy Punxs, and FEAR among others. This boy ain't no creep.

for booking info
1545 hoefgen st.
indpls, in 46203

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