no news for you

April 2, 2000
well, alright. here's a little news for you. I'm an indiana boy (which you should have known if you checked the bio page). I'm moving to california soon to become a rockstar. I'm always talking about updating this page but I usually don't. But I will I promise so stop back by. I realize the other pages are kinda bare or rather just not done, but i'm working on that as well. I'm going to get the sounds page up and running hopefully in the next couple of weeks so you can hear the big shit I say I am. the rollcall is the section where I'll let you look at my friends who played on the songs and helped me record them. I'll get some pics up in a couple of days.
and thats the news for now. the 7:30 show is completely different from the 9:30 show so please be sure to tip your waitress.

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